We created an integrated media relations campaign that resonated on and off line to reach the kickstarter and indiegogo campaign targets, while launching the conran designed bag to consumers in the uk

Ohyo Felix Conran

We achieved over 10 pieces of national coverage in print, broadcast and online with international reach.

Reaching more than 134 million consumers in the UK and internationally at the time of launch.

We contributed to the success of both the Kickstarter and IndieGoGo funding campaigns and positioned the Felix Conran Ohyo bag as the sustainable commuter bag.

Clients & Campaigns

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Chris Levine
Twelve Arts
Art Basel Cities Buenos Aires
Olga Lomaka
TI Media Ltd ( Time Inc)
Runway Gallery
De Pury & De Pury Strategic Partnerships
Syrett Artist
Felix Conran for OHYO
Becks Futures
Alexander McQueen Frieze Art Fair Partnership

Art Rooms London Art Fair
Streeters London
Gary Card
ING Bank Renault F1 Art Program
Pommery Champagne Partnership
Samsonite Black Label
The Cob Gallery
Hayden Kays
Tyler Shields
Imitate Modern Gallery
The Exhibitionist Hotel

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