A B C @ Art Basel 2019

We thought we’d let our clients and network know exactly what we got up to at this years Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland. Read on for our summary of our VIP attendance at the world’s leading contemporary art fair. 9th June What better way to kick of proceedings than with a performance and exhibition at Wilde Gallery by artist Marina … Read More

It’s as easy as ABC for artist Chris Levine

Leading British artist Chris Levine invested heavily in his first solo exhibition as an independent artist and wanted to make sure his exhibition was a commercial and critical success. Chris’s work which sells for hundreds of thousands of pounds at auction – his most famous work – is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II called ‘Lightness of being’ https://www.sothebys.com/en/articles/queen-elizabeth-ii-light-artist-chris-levines-accidental-masterpiece We’ve … Read More

Is corporate sponsorship killing art?

In 2003 the art critic J.J Charlesworth noted: “In our anti globalization, no logo culture corporations are blamed for pretty much everything. So the PR people at Beck’s have decided that the way to look ethically responsible with their target market… is to own up to corrupting culture before anyone’s thought of accusing them. Even corporate guilt can, it seems … Read More