Is corporate sponsorship killing art?

In 2003 the art critic J.J Charlesworth noted: “In our anti globalization, no logo culture corporations are blamed for pretty much everything. So the PR people at Beck’s have decided that the way to look ethically responsible with their target market… is to own up to corrupting culture before anyone’s thought of accusing them. Even corporate guilt can, it seems be re-branded”

The debate still lingers as opposed to rages on although since the ICA, Beck’s Futures Art Prize, corporate sponsorship and their involvement in the arts has arguably helped to further establish and make the contemporary art market more accessible to wider audiences.

The UBS lounge at Art Basel Miami, Alexander McQueen’s partnership with Frieze Art Fair and Pommery Champagne’s foray into contemporary art is testament to the fact that the art world attracts influential audiences – which in turn attracts global brands.

As PR people and communicators we’ve come a long way since Beck’s Futures and we’ve learnt how to navigate the artistic temperament of a sector that has now had to acknowledge the genuine need for corporate partners.

We’re passionate about art and authentic engagement with corporations, implemented and strategically managed can deliver harmonious results for both parties.

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